Airbrush Makeup, The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Reinventing Your Look

Airbrush Makeup is a great first step to reinventing your look.

For a woman, wearing makeup is like applying finishing touches to what nature already gifted her with. Airbrush makeup only makes the touch more attractive and the gift more cherished. Used for the very first time in the movie, Ben Hur (1925) Airbrush makeup Systems have come a long way and have become dear to many a woman. High-definition TV has also contributed towards the well-deserved popularity of airbrush makeup taking it right to our personal dressers and into our hearts.

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The Technique And The Technologytiny droplets makeup from stylus airbrush

Airbrushing is an innovative technique which uses compressed air for applying makeup. The air passes through the airbrushing tool called the ‘stylus‘ along with tiny droplets of makeup like bases and foundations, blushers etc. The sprays and mists of makeup gently settle on the skin giving it a beautiful makeover without the use of any traditional makeup brushes or sponges for blending.



Types of Airbrush Makeup

Be it the liquid foundations, blushes, colors, glitters, mascaras, eye-shadows, concealers, cleansers or the like, everything you ever needed for your makeup is available in airbrush makeup. Explore and experiment with the world of different cosmetics till you discover your perfect look. In fact, airbrushing gives one the flexibility to be creative and to mix and match makeup for various occasions. So ladies, be it a formal party look or the flirty casual, get ready to embrace makeup in style.
Airbrush makeup offers water, water-polymer, silicone-based or alcohol based cosmetics which one can choose according to individual preferences. There are starter kits for those who are just venturing out in airbrushed makeup.

Choosing The Airbrush Makeup

The cosmetic market offers a number of airbrush makeup brands and products. Therefore it is important to choose wisely after considering one’s skin type, color tone, requirement, occasion etc. Brands like Luminess Air, Dinair, Kett Cosmetics, Temptu, Le Cosmetique and others offer a wide range of airbrush makeup.

How to pick Airbrush Makeup Brand

Benefits Of Using Airbrush Makeup

Makeup that looks natural is always appreciated and with airbrush makeup technology the art of applying fresh and natural looking makeup is within close reach. Airbrush makeup is lightweight and soothing. It renders a flawless even tone and coverage to the skin. The imperfections are minimized and the skin feels anew. Besides, women love the look airbrushing gives them as the effect matches the work of a professional makeup artist!
The traditional way of applying makeup may often lead to a patchy, cracked or wrinkled look with visible pores on the skin. The overall effect is unappealing and ancient. Airbrush makeup infuses the skin with a new life and the smoothness is actually unbelievable. What’s more, this makeup is water resistant and stays on for longer time durations, sometimes close to twelve hour or more. That way it is also quite suitable for career woman who spend long hours at work.manual makeup
And to top it all, airbrush makeup is highly sanitary as there are no brushes touching you at all. It is also believed to be hypoallergenic and generally suits all skin types. And for those who like to be photographed, consider yourselves models with airbrush makeup as it is camera-friendly and makes you look like the way you always wanted to be. Armed with airbrush makeup, charm the boys anywhere anytime and be the focus of proms and parties. Just let go of all apprehensions and enjoy yourself in your own skin!

Tips And Tricks

Since airbrush makeup tends to be a trifle expensive, stop yourself from that bulk-buy spree. Buy less, but buy quality. Remember that airbrush tools are hand-held, easy to transport and can be customized to fulfill your individual needs.
Airbrush makeup is ready-to-spray and is designed to have a fine pigment size. To save on time, just measure out the exact quantity you need well in advance. A Good Airbrush Makeup System is accompanied by comprehensive instructions. Use them to your advantage and never be in a hurry to experiment. After all, practice makes perfect. Also keep in mind to clean your airbrushing tool to prevent clogging and have it running great.
From the would-be brides to the girl-next-door, Airbrush makeup has made a positive difference too many lives, touching them with beauty and pride. Now the air-kissed faces will stay beautiful, no tear stains, no smears and no sweat. Shine on ladies!

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  1. Kate says:

    Sandra, I just wanted to take the time and say thank you.

    It’s refreshing to see someone invest in the time to give others the information that is needed and not have a bunch of ads shoved down our throat. Your site is like the 5th one I visited trying to get some insight on the luminess air system.

    Thanks again,

  2. Marybeth says:

    I’m going to a wedding in Kenosha, WI. Does anyone know if there are any airbrush makeup artists close by?

  3. Kassandra says:

    I was told that airbrush makeup works great so i was wondering where i would be able to get this done. I want to do this for prom. what makeup stores offer this or where can i get it done? I dont want to buy the set because i hear that it is not cheap.

  4. Jaqueline says:

    Just wondering if anyone could recommend a good brand from experience. Is an airbrush makeup kit really something you could use for everyday wear? Thank you.

  5. Cassidy says:

    I am thinking of switching to airbrush makeup but i have never done it before so i have a few questions for those of you who do…

    is it worth the money?
    what company do you use?
    how much do you spend on average?
    is it easy to learn/do?
    do you have any tips?

    • Labuet says:

      I always read about peolpe trying to get into tattooing on here and every single one has a tattooist ( supposedly pro) preaching about how you need an apprenticship to become a tattooist. When I highly doubt that the know themselves that the first person to ever start tattooing didn’t need a mentor and that there skill came from good old fashion trial and error. Any moron knows that it takes a bit of practice to become a professional at anything and that they never could do what they do when they started out. I’m pretty sure that more than half of the artist out there have all started out in there basements doing the exact same thing there preaching about not doing. Just seriously tired of hearing that you have to have an apprenticship to be a good artist when all it really takes is a bit of study and practice. I learn from watching others and I’ve done quite well on myself from watching others get tattooed and videos I’ve found online so eat it. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing till I feel I have mastered my tool and then I’ll get my license to tattoo others. If your gonna critize others about it you have no right to be an artist of any kind. A real artist appreciates others work no matter the flaws you see and if you feel someone is doing something unsafe be a kind heart and educate to help that person move forward. So what if another artist is out there if your that good then you shouldn’t have to worry and at the worst it’ll give you more work if they suck. Just saying I’m going to keep doing what i’m doing and when i feel i’m ready i’ll move the next step forward in my work. until then if you want to say something say something helpful and stop talking shit because you were con-ed into paying thousands of dollars to learn a trick or 2 that we can now learn off the internet or dvds for free or 20+ bucks..

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